Securus WCS System Goes Above And Beyond For Law Enforcement

There are people out there who worry about crime within prisons. Crime within prisons is a rampant problem that is very difficult to contain. As with anything in the criminal justice industry, prevention is the best measure. Preventing crimes within prisons can help save lives; the lives of prisoners and of prison guards. That is why it is so uplifting to hear that Securus Technology has unveiled yet another criminal justice innovation.


Securus recently debuted the Wireless Containment System, otherwise known as the WCS. The system blankets the entire security facility with a signal jammer. This jammer prevents any contraband cell phone within the prison from connecting to mobile networks outside of the prison.


By preventing so calls into and out of prisons, Securus technologies is preventing prisoners and prison guards from breaking the law. People on the inside of a prison use cell phones in order to communicate contraband orders from the outside.


Countless numbers of prison guards have been caught bringing contraband into a prison. Prison guards actually help prisoners commit crime within a facility. And by bringing contraband into the facility, the prison guard is breaking the law. By stifling wireless telephone calls coming into and out of a prison using a contraband cell phone, the WCS is preventing the flow of contraband into and out of the prison. This prevents a great number of crimes.


But the WCS takes it a step further. The system not only blocks cell phone calls coming into and out of a prison, it also helps to locate the signal of the so-called. It can break the signal down and tell him law enforcement which provider it uses and who pays for the account.


Other telecommunications companies that deal exclusively with prison systems have come up with similar innovations but have fallen way short of the WCS. Others systems simply detect the transmission of phone calls and texts from a contraband cell phone within the prison. It does nothing to stop the transmission, and it cannot help locate or identify the transmission.


I would expect to see other telecommunications companies follow suit in this wonderful technological innovation. Securus always seems to be leading the way in helping law enforcement in the telecommunications industry.