Give Your Vacation the Green Light

High-end destinations often take the spotlight as potential vacation trips, but many fail to give back to the environment. The solution to yearning for a “green” vacation that provides adventure and respite along with positive environmental impact is to invest in ecotourism. Eco-tourism allows vacationing in pristine, undisturbed natural landscapes while making the use of travel that respects the well-being of the local people and animals. Learn more:


Eco-tourism Locations

Dazzling areas that take advantage of eco-tourism include:


-Haciendas Del Mundo Maya, Mexico

This location offers a stay in historic, gorgeous “Haciendas,” or large estate houses, while also being within walking distance of ancient Mayan ruins. Visitors can tour the old pyramids or observe Mayan locals weaving beautiful textile patterns. After a day of adventuring and soaking in the rich Mayan culture, guests can look forward to relaxing nights at the Haciendas, which feature lavish villa pools. Learn more:


-Papoose Creek Lodge, Montana U.S.A

Featured on the Travel Channel, this resort nestled in Montana’s Madison River Valley is about a half hour from Yellowstone National Park. The lodge’s cabins offer five-bedroom accommodations with private bathrooms and hot tubs. A combination of 5-star cuisines, spectacular views, and an array of activities like fly-fishing and bird watching allow guests an experience of luxury seamlessly blended with the wonder of Montana’s unforgettable landscape.


Wild Ark

The Wild Ark conservation organization helps to promote eco-tourism locations like these by locating “green belts,” or stretches of wild land on which building is prohibited, and establishing them as protected areas. The Wild Ark organization seeks to lessen the degradation of the world’s biodiversity by inspiring people to reconnect with nature and help preserve it for future generations to come.


Founded by conservationists Mark and Sophie Hutchinson, Wild Ark provides access to numerous, handpicked and eco-friendly destinations that will utilize the funds to contribute to the protection of the local ecosystem. Wild Ark’s goal is to provide funds for ecological conservation, maintain respect for different cultures, and provide education for travelers on the aspects of the land, animals and people of each unique area. Learn more: