Atlanta Hawks Files a Lawsuit Against an Insurance Firm

Bruce Levenson is a partner and the co-founder of the United Communications Group. He is also the director of Atlanta Spirit and a co-founder of UCG. Before launching the UCG Company, Levenson used to write for the Observe Publishing and Washington Star.

Bruce Levenson is a former owner of Atlanta Hawks. Atlanta Hawks owns the Atlanta Hawks basketball team.

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball company, which is the previous owner of the NBA franchise, has succeeded in filing a lawsuit against the New Hampshire Insurance company. The lawsuit is for a supposed breach of contract that involved the settlement of numerous claims that were made by Danny Ferry.

Danny Ferry is the former general manager of the firm. However, the lawsuit does not include the current ownership of the hawk’s basketball company that is currently led by Tony Ressler.

The lawsuit is as a result of bad insurance faith and also a breach of contract. The Atlanta Hawks in the lawsuits claim that they had insured the company against losses that may be accrued as a result of employment malpractices such as workplace torts and acts of wrongful termination.

Ferry and the Hawks ownership had agreed on a secret buyout agreement that ended their six-year relationship. The lawsuit points out that the insurance company, referred to as American International Group Inc., had refused to accept that a claim had been lodged. This could have led to the triggering of the policy automatically.

American International Group Inc. had refused to participate in the defense of the lodged claims or the acceptance of the coverage. This resulted in the said breach of contract and the eventual refusal by the insurance company to pay for the covered losses.

The lawsuit makes a demand of an extra 50 percent in a penalty for the unpaid amount and the coverage of the attorney’s fees. The insurance company is so far proving uncooperative because the emails that were recently sent to the firm were not returned.

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