Goettl Air Conditioning Comes of Age In the Modern World

Goettl Air Conditioning has a long and brilliant history from its inception in 1932 to the present. The company was founded by two brothers, Gust and Adam and they brought the concept of evaporative cooling and refrigerated air conditioning to the arid regions and changed the lifestyle of the residents for the better forever.

Goettl has the reputation of taking care of customers and providing excellent customer service and fair prices. However, due to a purchase of the company in the nineties by a large national management firm, all those glowing attributes took a serious hit. Large management organizations tend to focus on the money side of things while not paying much attention to the details that affect customer service and the day-to-day operations of a regional company like Goettl.

Ken Goodrich purchased Goettl in 2013 and he saw profits that were down, customers who were disgusted with the service they were receiving, and employees who were very discouraged. He had made a career of resurrecting companies which were on their last gasp, and had been successful at it. But Goettl he had serious problems. There was a looming lawsuit due to prior possible shady business practices and the company culture was a far cry from its former prominence.

Goodrich went right to work in making personal visits to both employees and customers and determined that both of these groups needed reassurances that Goettl would be focusing on the people and not on profits. As things turned out, Goodrich was right because when the problems were solved the money came in anyway because these groups were happy.

Another move by Goodrich, as noted very aptly in the BizJournals, was the acquisition of Southern California’s Walton Heating and Air. Goettl had been located in Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas, and adding Walton’s was a great move. Goettl had always focused its energy and business plan in the residential areas and a very small amount in the commercial HVAC market. Walton’s has focused primarily on the commercial side of HVAC with a small contingent in the residential market.

Todd Longbrake, the former owner of Walton’s stated that he could only grow the company so big on his own, and that the company had become stagnant as a result. Since the acquisition, the Southern California division has had a tenfold growth overall.

Longbrake has been kept on and has been made Company Sales Manager and field supervisor due to his vast experience and knowledge. You can visit their Facebook page for more

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