The Arrest of Lacey and Larkin

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are the owners of Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media. They’ve been in the reporting business for over 40 years. They recently made headlines after donating their multimillion-dollar settlement to local migrant rights and free speech and civic actions organizations. Most of the money went to their Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund, which also supports local organizations.

In October 2007, both Lacey and Larkin were arrested on false charges. The man responsible for their wrongful arrest was Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Since their arrest, they’ve sued the county and been awarded a $3.75 million settlement. Lacey and Larkin had proof of the sheriff’s wrongdoings, and their arrest was his attempt to stop them from revealing that information.

Sheriff Arpaio didn’t stop at arresting Lacey and Larkin. He also wanted all their notes containing his name and the identities of anyone who might have read their articles about him. That, in itself, was the most horrible part of the entire ordeal.

When all was said and done, Lacey and Larkin prevailed over the corrupt Sheriff. As time passed, more about the story came out. Sheriff Arpaio was more crooked than anyone thought. He’d been using grand jury subpoenas to do much of his dirty work.

Everything about their arrest was off. For a start, it was completely instigated by the sheriff. There was no proof of any wrongdoing, yet, Arpaio sent his toughest deputies to drag Lacey and Larkin from their homes. They were placed in unmarked SUVs and booked into separate jails.

As more came out, the arrest looked more like a kidnapping. Arpaio always considered himself “tough on crime”, but Lacey and Larkin weren’t criminals. There were just media executives who focused on exposing Arpaio for what he is. The strangest part about their arrest was that the SUVs had Mexican license plates.

Since the 70s, Lacey’s had a knack for going against Arizona’s conservative mentality. Back then, he was a college dropout protesting the war. He noticed that the media was misrepresenting the protestors and decided to write his own story about the events. That kickstarted what would become his career.

His partner, Jim Larkin had a similar start. Both met in college and dropped out to start their media company. After that first paper, they began growing in popularity. Eventually, they purchased 17 other like-minded papers to form their conglomerate.

Paul Mampilly’s Success in Investment Consultancy and Management

     Paul Mampilly is a stock market guru who is conversant with the correct moves to make to excel in the area. Paul Mampilly began his journey in 1991 at Deutsche Bank. With over 20 years of experience, he has had tremendous financial management opportunities. He has managed million dollar accounts as well as starter accounts.

Paul Mampilly holds an MBA from Fordham University. Perhaps his skills were sharpened at Bankers Trust where he worked as a manager. Paul Mampilly ability to cultivate success has gained him recognition among billion dollar investment firms such as Kinetics Asset Management who recruited him and watched as he turned things around and made the best returns yet seen in such a setting.

As an investment consultant, Paul Mampilly has witnessed personal financial growth. He is an investor with Sarepta Therapeutics since 2012. He has made such wise investments that have continued to earn him profits. His success has been the tool that has attracted clients to seek him out and consult him when making investment plans.

Paul Mampilly Gives Investors Advice on Profiting from Investments

Paul Mampilly now mainly specializes in research and analyzing investments. Social welfare is the key principle that guides him as he makes incredible steps in the stock market. He makes it a priority to help the people at the financial grassroots to earn money by providing instructions on the best grounds to invest. He feels that it is important for everyone to have a representative. The media has often engaged Paul Mampilly in interviews where he provides tips for success in the stock market. In the hope to get everyone to grow financially, Paul Mampilly releases publications concerning investing.

Paul Mampilly has gained recognition for his outstanding performance in the investment sector. He has garnered several awards including participating in investment competitions such as the Templeton Foundation competition.

In his recent research, Paul Mampilly’s findings mostly focused on the service industry, vehicles, and medicine. He provides insight on the importance of small investors taking advantage of the millennials need to have services delivered at their doorstep and the possibility of it being a win for an investor. His advice to investors who want to be successful is that they should be on the lookout for upcoming financial trends. He considers the average American as the main contributor to the economic growth. Therefore, he makes an effort to provide guidance on wise investment choices.

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Goettl Air Conditioning Comes of Age In the Modern World

Goettl Air Conditioning has a long and brilliant history from its inception in 1932 to the present. The company was founded by two brothers, Gust and Adam and they brought the concept of evaporative cooling and refrigerated air conditioning to the arid regions and changed the lifestyle of the residents for the better forever.

Goettl has the reputation of taking care of customers and providing excellent customer service and fair prices. However, due to a purchase of the company in the nineties by a large national management firm, all those glowing attributes took a serious hit. Large management organizations tend to focus on the money side of things while not paying much attention to the details that affect customer service and the day-to-day operations of a regional company like Goettl.

Ken Goodrich purchased Goettl in 2013 and he saw profits that were down, customers who were disgusted with the service they were receiving, and employees who were very discouraged. He had made a career of resurrecting companies which were on their last gasp, and had been successful at it. But Goettl he had serious problems. There was a looming lawsuit due to prior possible shady business practices and the company culture was a far cry from its former prominence.

Goodrich went right to work in making personal visits to both employees and customers and determined that both of these groups needed reassurances that Goettl would be focusing on the people and not on profits. As things turned out, Goodrich was right because when the problems were solved the money came in anyway because these groups were happy.

Another move by Goodrich, as noted very aptly in the BizJournals, was the acquisition of Southern California’s Walton Heating and Air. Goettl had been located in Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas, and adding Walton’s was a great move. Goettl had always focused its energy and business plan in the residential areas and a very small amount in the commercial HVAC market. Walton’s has focused primarily on the commercial side of HVAC with a small contingent in the residential market.

Todd Longbrake, the former owner of Walton’s stated that he could only grow the company so big on his own, and that the company had become stagnant as a result. Since the acquisition, the Southern California division has had a tenfold growth overall.

Longbrake has been kept on and has been made Company Sales Manager and field supervisor due to his vast experience and knowledge. You can visit their Facebook page for more