Livio Bisterzo Spearheading Change in the US’s Snack Market

      With a population of over 75 million in America, millennials are the talk of the town because of some of their habits that favor businesses. Millennials are health and socially conscious; many brands that market edible products such as Green Park Brands are well aware of what define millennials. Green Park Brands target millennials with their recently introduced product line, Hippeas. The product, organic chickpea snack, has been described as “addictively delicious” by some delighted consumers. Hippeas comes in a variety of brands like pepper power, in herbs we trust, cheese & love, and far out fajita among others. Although competition in the snacks industry is high, Hippeas is likely to survive because of the smart and colorful marketing employed by Green Park Brands.

Green Park Brands came to life in 2015. The company is a culmination of Livio Bisterzo’s (the founder and CEO) activities in the natural food industry and his desire to live and help others lead healthy lifestyles. Bisterzo created Green Park Brands when he was 34, a millennial, and therefore he understands the needs and aspirations of millennials. Bisterzo, an immigrant from Italy, is a forward-thinking entrepreneur with interests in the hospitality industry and consumer goods. His current project, Green Park Brands, aims to produce products that appeal to individuals hoping to eat healthy products as well as impact the society positively. Although Green Park Brands was founded in 2015, Hippeas was introduced a year later, and it is proving to be a real disruptor in the US snacks market.

Many things inspired Bisterzo’s choice of chickpeas. First, chickpeas help in soil fertility, and therefore farming chickpeas is a way of making farming sustainable. Also, Bisterzo observed that many Americans tend to like plant-based products. Hippeas is affordable and a premium product compared to the salty snacks available in the market. Also, a sachet full of Hippeas has less than 130 calories, 3 grams fiber, and 4 grams protein; a superior product compared to its competitors.

Green Park Brands is at the forefront of encouraging sustainable production. The company initiated “Farm Africa”: a project meant to strengthen chickpea cultivators in developing nations such as Ethiopia.

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