Goettl Air Conditioning has revealed their acquisition of Walton’s Heating and Air, an HVAC company that is established in Southern California.The financial details of the transaction remains undisclosed. This agreement gives Geottl the perfect opportunity to work on establishing their presence in California. It also allows the Heating and Air Company to expand; far beyond what its owner, Todd Longbrake could not have done alone.

The acquisition of Walton’s Heating and Air

According to a press release by NorCal News, this deal was finalized in the middle of the year 2015 after Geottl had expressed their interest in the company earlier in the year. At first, Longbrake was hesitant to buy into their ideas until he heard of Goettl’s admirable reputation as well as that of their leader, Ken Goodrich.

In spite of the fact that the deal was sealed two years ago, Goodrich did not announce the acquisition until in June 2017 due to a few marketing complications and operational issues with Walton Heating and Air. As he revealed, he wanted to get all those things settled before the company was fully under Goettl. His belief that the company was of tremendous worth is what enabled him to keep afloat, in spite of the obstacles.

The aftermath

The ramifications of this deal are positive and noticeable. Geottl joining hands with Walton’s Heating and Air has allowed it to have more job opportunities, especially in Tucson and Phoenix. Longbrake was also able to assimilate into the company, and his outstanding skills and roles as the field supervisor and sales manager have steered the company towards achieving nationwide success. The company intends to extend their services to Northern California, and Texas come 2018. Read full article:

More about Goettl Air Conditioning

Geottl is one of the most reputable names in the air conditioning industry and with Ken Goodrich as the CEO and President; they continue to offer the best that there is. It was founded by the brothers Gust and Adam Geottl and has operated since 1939. When Goodrich bought this once family-owned business, he saw it as a chance to build and rescue an organization that was suffering from perpetual losses and poor morale.

It took him time, dedication and constant hard work. His team comprises driven professionals who are knowledgeable, skilled and easy to work with. Their services include installation of heat pumps, air cleaners, ductless mini splits furnaces and heating systems. Their customer service is exceptional. Goettl Air Conditioning is the place to run to when one needs commercial or residential HVAC services. They never disappoint. Did you know that they offer a free quality Geottl flashlight for every job?

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