Helane Morrison and the chase for fraudulence

Helane Morrison is the Chief at Hall Capital Partners LLC that was charged with the management of the regional enforcement activities in SEC since 1996, but that was before she got promoted to being the regional director. Soon, Helane would become a famous figure inside SEC for leading investigations in cases of fraud, violations and a very known case of fraud with NextCard.


Working since she left the School of Law in 1984, she began as a law clerk in the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. Helane studied journalism at the Northwestern University where she graduated. She later earned her Juris Doctor title at the University of California, Berkeley. Today, she is General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at Hall Capital Partners LLC.


Years after Ms. Morrison joined the San Francisco Office of SEC; she stated in 1999 that she would still be chasing cases of frauds and local traders while she is in charge of the administration. Being promoted to being the Chief of the district, she won’t abandon the aggressive approach that her team has been doing for the past years. Many investigations turned into a successful enforcement action as the case against the Republic Securities of New York. The outstanding results of these three years in charge were going to cause a significant increase in the size of the office’s staff.


In 2007, October, Helane Morrison stated that she would be leaving her spot as the Regional Director for SEC to continue her career in the Hall Capital Partners LLC. Having led the San Francisco office since 1996 when she started being part of the corporation. Her old team is very sad with her departure, stating that she brought important cases and made the team double in size during her command. Helane was truly passionate about her job and was always very dedicated to serving her nation and protecting investors all over the United States. Helane stated that she feels honored for being the chosen person to lead the San Francisco office.


In San Francisco, Ms. Morrison was able to stock many cases of financial fraud against renowned companies like HBO & Co., Google, and Hawaiian Airlines. She also solved a case of an insurance company in Texas that was using a false sales value of the security service to commit fraud. Although she was a strong leader of the commission in SEC, she still has great promises in her new position as Chief Compliance in Hall Capital Partners.

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