Arthur Becker – Dedicated Real Estate Investor with a Background in Tech Industry

One of the fastest growing businesses in the world is the real estate industry. No matter what the economy of the country is like, the demand for real estate is always on the rise. This is the reason why many people are looking to enter this industry and make a career out of it. But it is easier said than done. To be successful in the real estate sector, one need to work hard and keep them updated about everything that is going on in the industry. Also, people need to have a future outlook to know which investment will earn them greater ROI. One way to earn money is through real estate investment. One can invest in different aspects of real estate such as purchasing land, homes, townhouses, buildings and others.

Real estate investing can offer many benefits to the investors, but only if it is done correctly. People from the different financial background can do well in the industry if they have the will and the passion. One of the investors that have shifted to the real estate sector after a successful career in technology is Arthur Becker. After making millions in biotech and InfoTech industry, he moved to the real estate industry in New York, since he thought that the current real estate industry was not enough for the growing demand of quality and prestigious real estate projects. His shift to the industry was not in vain, and according to, he is among the top investors in real estate in New York today.

Arthur Becker has a strong educational background that helps him understand the dynamics of business. He went to Bennington College from where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Administration top of his class, reveals For him, this wasn’t enough, and he then enrolled in Tuck School of Business to get another degree in Business. His first job was at Navisite and quickly rose to the position of CEO. After working there for eight years, he joined Zinio Company. It was here when he showed interest in the real estate industry and started to invest in properties that could provide profits in the future.

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